Protect and add the finishing touch to your Michelena door

As a manufacturer of custom wood doors, our expertise extends to the finishing of our products. Our methods give our doors superior protection and a striking appearance.

We offer a wide selection of stain colors, and custom color matching is available. The numerous finishes allow you to create the desired style: brushed, antique, hammered, hand-planed, hand-shaved.

Factory applied in utmost conditions, our finish is meticulously applied on all surfaces of the door, visible or not. This method provides for excellent protection against moisture and water infiltration. Note that seals are also affixed with thermoplastic sealant.

The products we use are designed for our climate. They contain stabilizers against UV rays, which help to maintain the original appearance of the door. Wood-material imposes certain requirements with respect to maintenance. As professionals, we provide sound advice on this matter.

The finish stage closes the loop of the manufacturing cycle of your Michelena door. The care we put into each door reflects our love of wood and our taste for quality.


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