Exterior or interior folding doors system

Doors that blur the boundary between indoors and outdoors

Whether you wish to create a magnificent view, or to divide two rooms, the Eclipse folding door system fascinates by its incredible ability to create impressive openings. Your door or window will actually slide and fold away the boundary between indoors and outdoors, and give you exceptional architectural possibilities.

Michelena, a manufacturer of high-end wood doors, is proud to offer this unique and indisputable luxury. Available for commercial or residential use, it is adjusted to our climate, is airtight and water resistant. A maximum of 16 sections can be installed totaling a length of approximately 52 feet (over 15 metres).

Eclipse windows and doors, such as Michelena’s entire confections, are custom made according to your preferences and specifications. A wide choice of handles is available to customize your Eclipse solid wood door.