About Our History

Michelena Architectural Wood Doors inc. is distinguished by its design, quality and by manufacturing upscale wooden doors. Our pioneering expertise enables us to arrange to perfection, wood species, curves and moulding, giving a prestigious and unique style with solid wood creations of exceptional quality.

Residential or commercial project, we meet the needs of our customers, while respecting the quality of our product, which makes our reputation.

Whether it’s an interior wood door, an exterior wood door or a wooden garage, any wooden door by Michelena Architectural Wood Doors is undoubtedly a sign of beauty and longevity.

A wooden door signed by Michelena

With a strong belief that it will bring a new know-how to the industry, Michelena was boldly launched as a manufacturer of high-end architectural wood doors. The vision of the company is based on forward-thinking, a passion for product development and a singular attention to details.

The art and aesthetics are also our fundamental values and that is why the sculpture, wrought iron and stained glass are offered in the same workshop.

Total Quality

You will notice the remarkable care we put into each Michelena wood door. The manufacturing quality results from an impeccable technique and a constant search for excellence. We have great pride in each piece produced under the rigorous standards that we have set for ourselves.

To realize your projects, our expertise is at your service. Pledge of beauty and durability, Michelena solid wood doors are designed to grant the whishes and meet the expectations of each client.

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